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Tauchbasis Ilsesee

Jürgen Scharm

Breitenbergweg 5a


86830 Schwabmünchen

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+49 8232 5066150


+49 172 88 66 88 2

      Shipping Conditions (important!)



In principle, we only accept free shipments. Shipments that have not been paid will be rejected.


Please make sure that shipping address is filled out correctly. Incorrect address can lead to a loss of your shipment!


For shipments from foreign countries (outside Europe), a form, called Proforma Invoice, must be attached at the outside of the package. This is very important due to German Customs Regulations!


The declaration/ value of the goods should be correct always. If you are shipping defective goods such as LSS or handset, please note that value does not exceed the actual price of electronic waste (5 USD).


            Picture on the right, example Proforma Invoice


        Before Shipping!


Þ       Please send us an e-mail with your request, describe exactly what you want us to do, or describe your problem as best you can..


Þ       Packages that are sent to us without our knowlege or writing an e-mail before may be rejected.


Þ       When you have received our confirmation, look for a shipper who also dispatches LiPo batteries. Airfreight shipments are often given in passenger planes and this is prohibited, maybe. Our choice is UPS. We also can arrange a pick up by UPS on request. We do not accept any shipping with FedEx!


Þ       After you have successfully shipped your goods, simply let us know by e-mail.

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Proforma Invoice




(your address)


shipping date:    ……………..




Jürgen Scharm

Breitenbergweg 5a

86830 Schwabmünchen, Germany


Value:     15,--USD




defective (waste) electronics for diving gear